Anonymous asked:

I work but at a Five Guys, and people there really like the peanuts. Anyway, when I was working at one in a college town, some drunk kids walk in, and I'm working register, and they ask whether they could have a box of peanuts. When I respond 'no, the peanuts are free, but not that free', they ask if they could buy one, and the answer is still no. So then they ask if they could pay me to steal one, and I gave them the brightest smile I could possibly give while telling them to screw off.

Hahhahahaha! +5 points for you!

I know I would make much more money as a server than a busser-hostess, but I don’t want to be one. I can’t deal with the stupidity of people, I can’t pretend to be nice to idiots so that I can possibly get a better tip. I don’t care how big the payout is. I don’t want to risk my emotional well-being for money.

Side note: my brother is laughing really hard in his sleep.

I have decided that I will have a 3rd job set up before I ever come close to becoming a server, and bail as fast as possible once the 3rd job is in order.

hydrocyanicacid asked:

I've always been a fan of Grand Theft Auto (any one, really) and Borderlands 2 each for their potential to wantonly destroy things which is what I tend to want to do after a particularly rough shift.

Oh yes. I feel you on many levels. Destroying things or shooting monsters & people after a long shift is seriously the best.